Thursday, August 19, 2010

GAC Changes in CLR 4.0, Announcement of GACBrowser 4.0.0

A new assembly directory will be added for each CLR version (see reference [1][2] for details). This is to save older application due to breaking changes in assemblies of newer CLR. So if you are running an application with CLR 2, it will look into GAC of CLR 2 and CLR 1.1 but it will not in assembly of CLR 4.0.
As current GACBrowser version (1.0 or lower) is older than CLR 4.0, it cannot display assemblies of CLR 4.0. But it will display assemblies for .NET version 2.0 and CLR 1.1.
Next version of GACBrowser (4.0.0 to align with CLR version 4.0) which will be release by mid of this September will have support for viewing and deleting assemblies of CLR version 4.0.


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Yogee said...

I am extremely busy :( will update this ASAP after 18th November, 2010