Friday, May 27, 2011

Features Requests

Here are the features that I am considering to add in future version of GAC Browser.

1. Show dependent assemblies (from GAC folder) when you delete an assembly.
  • Pros: No accidental delete. Clearer view on what you are doing.
  • Cons: This process will be slow like hell. Will annoy users who know what they are doing it.

2. Soft Delete: Backup Assemblies that are deleted

  • Pros: This is better than first option as you can always undo your mistake (manually most probably).
  • Cons: Unwanted assemblies will still be there in computer. I don't see any other cons here.

3.  Drag Drop Support for adding assembly in GAC.

  • Pros: Quick and dirty way to add assembly in GAC.
  • Cons: Cannot support more feature. Handling all error may not be feasible (why to write another gacutil?).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gac Browser And Remover 1.0 Release

Yes, long awaited support to search assemblies for CLR 4.0 is here. New gac browser crawls through your CLR 4.0 GAC now.

Other feature that you may be interested in are: 
  • 32bit/64bit Architecture mentioned in search result
  • Assemblies that are installed with CLR/VS2008 cannot be uninstalled. This is to save myself being cursed by you if you try to delete System.Data :) You cannot delete that anymore - I've restricted based on public key that Microsoft uses.
"Remove" feature may not work on Windows 7 and Vista as smooth as it works in XP as Windows 7 (and so Vista) don't grant you access by default to System folders. It is sad but work around is to change folder permission of assembly folders to suit your need.

Download GAC Browser And Remove 1.0