Friday, May 27, 2011

Features Requests

Here are the features that I am considering to add in future version of GAC Browser.

1. Show dependent assemblies (from GAC folder) when you delete an assembly.
  • Pros: No accidental delete. Clearer view on what you are doing.
  • Cons: This process will be slow like hell. Will annoy users who know what they are doing it.

2. Soft Delete: Backup Assemblies that are deleted

  • Pros: This is better than first option as you can always undo your mistake (manually most probably).
  • Cons: Unwanted assemblies will still be there in computer. I don't see any other cons here.

3.  Drag Drop Support for adding assembly in GAC.

  • Pros: Quick and dirty way to add assembly in GAC.
  • Cons: Cannot support more feature. Handling all error may not be feasible (why to write another gacutil?).